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After years of experience as a Wedding & Event Planner, I have been lucky to meet so many beautiful couples and help them turn their dreams into a reality. Nothing excites me more than bringing communities and families together to celebrate love, but most importantly, helping brides and grooms to take a step back and actually enjoy the ride. Because let's face it, weddings and overwhelmingly long checklists can be stressful for even the most organised of people!

After eleven years of working in this wild and wonderful industry (for organisations such as Villa Maria Estate, Abbeville Estate and The Great Catering Company), I understand weddings from so many angles and most importantly, I know how to navigate curve balls that get thrown our way. Fortunately for me, my somewhat painful traits of being extremely organised, perfectionistic and high energy tend to be welcomed in this line of work.


As an Independent Marriage Celebrant, Wedding Planner & Day-of-Coordinator, I consider myself so lucky to play a part in creating memorable, modern and personalised weddings around the country. I truly cannot wait to work with many more couples in the years to come, so feel free to explore my page to determine whether or not I may be the right fit for you and we can make the best plan of attack to get you hitched!


With Love, Lisa xx


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